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Below you will find a listing of the many gardening resources available at GardenWeb.

 o The GardenWeb Australia Forums
These forums are specifically for gardeners of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. You can post queries on plant care and sources, or initiate a discussion on a particular topic. There are aslo exchange areas for trading. If you're an experienced gardener, maybe you could take a few mintues and help answer the questions of others.

 o Search GardenWeb Australia!
Try the GardenWeb search engine! You can search the entire site using this form:

 o GardenWeb Australia Directory
This directory is new and desparately needs listings! If you are a member of gardening group or have a garden-related business in Australia or New Zealand, please submit a listing via the submission form.

 o HortiPlex
Visit GardenWeb's HortiPlex Plant Database where you'll find plant images and data as well as links to information sources, images and vendors at other sites.
Enter a plant name:

 o Glossary of Botanical Terms
This interactive glossary contains over 2100 terms relating to botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture.

 o Sesbania's Gardening Tips
In these articles, our own Sesbania Tripeti offers help for new gardeners on subjects like starting seeds indoors, preparing a new garden and proper watering techniques.

 o GardenWeb US & Canada
The main GardenWeb site includes a number of of other features, including a plant name dictionary and over 100 forums.

 o GardenWeb Europe
Our European forums come in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. Much of our other content is also available and may provide quicker access for those overseas.

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